About us

Pro Spec Imports is a Queensland based business specialising in Toyota Supra, Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ aftermarket aero parts and high end interior / exterior dress up parts.

Pro Spec Imports was established by Tony in 2014 as he saw a limited supply of these parts within Australia and beyond, his goal was to make them more accessible and affordable for everyone.

It didnt take long before Pro Spec Imports became Australia's No 1 supplier of the well known 'V1 & V2 GREDDY / MVP / RMM Style' front lip range and it has only grown from here with all the parts being tested and developed on the now infamous black 'Pro Spec Imports Supra' 

Tony soon began to develop all new custom carbon fibre and interior parts, working with local Australian manufacturers wherever possible to ensure quality and a high standard was maintained with all Pro Spec Imports products.

This year Pro Spec will continue to grow and branch out more into the Toyota '86 market, bringing some exciting and not seen before parts for the new addition to the Toyota Sports car family, this does not mean the Supra will be left out as there are a range of new parts under development for them now also. 

As well as developing the Pro Spec Imports brand Tony worked hard in between building a Paul Walker tribute Supra which has been featured in many write ups and webtorials across Australia and worldwide. 

Pro Spec Imports is not just another business it has a living breathing passion for the iconic Toyota Supra and Toyota 86, Tony and his small team aim to provide the best customer service and high quality products possible.

Please feel free to get in touch today if you have any questions.




- Pro Spec Imports Supra -

- The Pro Spec Imports Paul Walker Inspired Tribute Supra -

Inspired by Paul Walkers personal Supra that was also used in the final scenes of the Fast and Furious 7 Movie in a touching tribute to Paul.
Finished off with authentic BBS LM wheels, Pro Spec V1 front lip, full Pro Spec interior upgrade range and a Decal set from Paul's own charity ROWW.